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Client Testimonials

Dear Matron and everyone at Fir Tree,

I am long, long overdue in thanking you ALL for the
superb care you have all given Betty throughout the very
happy time she spent at Fir Trees.
I am so pleased Betty was with you long enough to really become part of the 'Fir Trees Family' ....... because that's exactly the atmosphere you promote and provide - a comfortable, welcoming, friendly-family home, full of fun and laughter.
It is quite clear, every member of staff at Fir Trees epitomise true professionalism. Most importantly, however, I have witnessed these very specialised skills naturally combined with an obvious and very genuine care and concern for each and every resident.

Betty's major needs were most certainly extremely well managed, but so also were the smaller details; personal appearance, grooming, clothing choices, - all so terribly important, but so easily ignored. I know Betty made some very special friends at Fir Trees and I do feel the friends she had, respected her for the individual that she was. For all this I am very grateful.
I also feel it extremely important to tell you all how touched I have been by your sensitivity, and thoughtfulness through these difficult last weeks. The gentle kindness received from every staff member I have met has been a real support and meant a great deal to me - and most positively - we've all also shared a lot of smiles and laughter too - which I've been told is the best medicine of all.

Once again
With kindest regards



Dearest Matron and Staff,

With all our heartfelt thanks for your kind support and help during Helena's stay at the Nursing Home. God Bless you all and keep up the wonderful work you're doing.


Dear sir,

We are writing to let you know how pleased we were with Fir Tree Nursing Home, Fir Tree Road, Banstead, Surrey. My mother/ wife Amelia Goffredi recently spent three weeks in Fir Tree House for emergency respite care due to the ill health of her husband. They managed to take her in on 11th of July when no nursing home in the London Borough of Sutton had room for her. She suffers from Alzheimers Demensia and is very difficult at times.

The staff at Fir Tree House took her in, looked after and cared for her fantastically well, kept us informed of how she was doing and generally came to our rescue at a very difficult time and we want this to be put on record as we all complain if things are not right so it should be recognised when things are very good. We enclose a copy of the letter sent to Fir Tree House as well and would appreciate confirmation that the above has been done.

Yours faithfully,
Luigi, Ivor & Nickie

  2 Firtree Road, Banstead Surrey SM7 1NG Tel: 01737 350 584